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How Much Do MMA Classes Cost

MMA is a great hobby, that both gets you in shape, and builds your self-confidence. Before, signing up for classes it’s a good idea to know what a reasonable price is. I analyzed the price of many different MMA gyms to see how much they cost, and here’s what I found.

On average, MMA classes cost $50 to $200 a month or more. Many gyms have a package where you can attend unlimited classes in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, judo, and kickboxing for a flat fee (highest price). Or, you can get just MMA classes which can be cheaper.

The cost differs by how experienced and well known the instructor/gym is, as well as, what part of the country the classes are in. Below, I will go into all the factors that determine the price for MMA classes and how to determine if an MMA gym is right for you.

Why Some MMA Classes Are More Expensive Than Others

The factors that control the price of MMA classes are supply and demand AND what region of the country the MMA gym is in. If a particular MMA gym is very popular, generally, they will raise the prices. Doing so will reduce the number of people who sign up for classes. But, they can justify doing it because they have more than enough members.

What makes an MMA gym popular is how well known the coaches are, and the quality of the training they provide. You may know of the famous UFC fighters Khabib Nourmagemedov, Daniel Cormier, and Luke Rockhold. 

They all train currently or did most of their training at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). They would be considered the gold standard for MMA training. Their monthly rates for adults are:

  • All classes: $269
  • Adult jiu-jitsu: $169
  • Kickboxing and MMA: $149

And for youth:

  • All classes: $209
  • Adult jiu-jitsu: $169
  • Kickboxing and MMA: $149

This sets a somewhat upper limit for MMA pricing. Another very famous gym that trains some of the best MMA fighters is City Kickboxing, based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are the home gym of Israel Adesanya. 

Current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski also trains there regularly. Their cost per month is somewhere in the range of $200 depending on the number of classes you want to attend. 

Different parts of the country are more expensive than others

There are certain states and cities that are far more expensive to live in. On the flip side, the average wages are much higher. This increases the price of MMA classes in certain parts of the country. 

For example, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are very expensive areas to live in. Therefore, the average cost of MMA classes is considerably higher in these areas compared to other parts of the country. 

How well known the trainers are affects the pricing

Many MMA gyms are run by former UFC champions and well-known MMA fighters. They can also be the training gym of well-known MMA fighters. Because of their reputation they typically have much more demand. And therefore, they will charge higher prices.

For example, Straight Blast Gym is the affiliation that one of Connor McGregor’s head coaches is part of. They have gyms spread all around the USA, and internationally. Whereas, other MMA gyms may have coaches that competed in MMA but at an amateur level. And didn’t train big-name fighters like former UFC champions. These MMA gyms still have high-quality MMA training, but would charge cheaper prices.

Choosing the right MMA gym

There are now quite a lot of options for MMA gyms. Although most MMA gyms love to have new members, it’s important to be a bit choosey. In general, the main thing is the vibe of the gym. This can vary a lot from gym to gym. Most MMA gyms are very friendly. 

But, you may find some have a bad vibe, and the members don’t really get along well. This can make it less fun, and make for a bad learning environment. 

Luckily, most MMA gyms offer a free trial. My advice would be to try a large range of MMA gyms for a week or so. Then decide which one suits your personality, and the one you like the best. Doing so will be far better than if you were to solely look at price as the only factor.

Is MMA Expensive

Various hobbies are more expensive than others because the cost of learning them is very high. Or, the equipment required is very costly. Here’s how MMA compares and whether it’s an expensive sport/hobby to get into.

Overall, MMA is not expensive. The initial cost to buy all the equipment can be quite a lot, such as shin guards, gloves, and a jiu-jitsu gi. But, after that, the monthly cost for classes is quite small by comparison. On average, even at the highest quality MMA gym it only costs about $50 a week.

The things you need to buy are:

  • MMA shorts
  • MMA rashguard
  • Mouthguard
  • Gloves
  • Shin guards
  • Gi/Jiu-jitsu Uniform

It’s not overly pricey for all of these items, and you could get everything for under $500. When just starting out and doing your trial glass. It’s best to just wear board shorts and a singlet. Rather than buying everything at first.

In some MMA gyms that don’t have a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi class. And their Brazilian jiu-jitsu is no-gi. Therefore, you won’t need to buy a gi which can run about $200+.

Are MMA Classes Worth It

MMA classes come at a cost of both time and money. There are also a few pieces of equipment you need to buy to learn it. So, in general, is MMA worth it?

In general, MMA classes are worth it. However, it is generally cheaper to take one martial art separately. Such as kickboxing, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In general, virtually all MMA gyms offer a 1 week trial to see if you like it.

This is a really good option. Having trained MMA myself, I can say that the benefits come after training for 6 months or more. This is where you really start to develop some skills. With that said, it’s still a very good test to see if you like it to do a 1-week trial.

Here’s a really interesting video that shows how a person felt and thought after training MMA for 1 year:

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