Muay Thai cross punch

Muay Thai Cross Punch

Muay Thai often features hard, powerful punches even though it is know for its baseball bat like kicks and crushing elbows. One of the most commonly used punches in this style is the cross. A cross is thrown from a high position (your regular stance) and travels diagonally across the body to land with crushing force on the opponent’s head or midsection.

To throw a perfect cross in Muay Thai, you need to start by setting up your stance. Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly for balance. You want to keep your chin tucked down slightly so that it doesn’t get hit by an incoming punch as you’re throwing yours.

An important thing to remember is that a cross is rarely thrown alone. It generally follows a jab, or a kick. You will want to to throw a jab with your lead arm. After pulling your lead hand quickly back into your original stance you will want to start rotating your hips and your other shoulder into your opponents direction. This will help increase the power behind your punch as it travels through the air. Snap your back hand into your opponents head or midsection. And return it quickly to cover your chin.

Be sure to use your back leg to generate enough power to cause some serious damage. Remember, the power of your punches comes from your legs and the rotation of your hips.

When throwing a cross in Muay Thai, timing is everything. Ideally, you want to land it right after an opponent throws their own punch so that they won’t see it coming and won’t have time to react. The cross is a great tool for a vicious counter attack.

A cross can be used for various combos such as jab, cross, hook, or any other combination that you prefer. Two of my favourite combinations were the jab-feint, lead hook and a powerful cross, or the jab, cross and left middle kick.

 A simple jab cross combination can win fights almost on its own, especially in boxing. However in Muay Thai that might be a challenge, but remember, the cross is an powerful tool in your arsenal. To be most effective with this punch, however, it’s important to practice using it correctly and regularly so that you can land it on an opponent and put them out of commission for the rest of the round!


Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to throw a powerful cross in Muay Thai, or an experienced fighter looking to refine your technique, following these tips will help ensure that your punches are as strong and accurate as possible. Working on your footwork and stance is key – as well as practicing timing and power with each jab and cross you throw. With time and dedication, you’ll soon be able to land devastating blows on even seemingly invincible opponents!

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