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Muay Thai Middle Kick

The middle kick in Muay Thai is a powerful and versatile weapon that can be used to great effect in both offense and defense. It is typically thrown with the lead leg, but can also be delivered with the rear leg.

The middle kick can be used to attack an opponent’s body.  It can also be used to set up other strikes, such as the high kick or the low kick.

In defense, the middle kick can be used to counter an incoming attack. It can also be used to create distance between you and your opponent.

The middle kick is a great tool for both offense and defense in Muay Thai. When used correctly, it can be a devastating weapon.

How To Throw The Middle Kick?

When throwing the middle kick, it is important to keep your hips and shoulders square to the target. This will help ensure that the full force of the kick is transmitted into the target.

To deliver the middle kick, you will extend your leg and rotate your hip so that your shin strikes the target. It is important to snap your kick forward quickly just a moment before you make contact with your target. This way, most of your force will be produced by turning of your hips, however the snap will add even more force to the kick.

Make sure to lower the arm on the same side of the kicking leg since this will help you produce even more force and also help to balance you.

Middle Kick Drills

The middle kick is often used in Muay Thai for different drills. These drills are meant to develop the fighters kicking ability, which is very important in Muay Thai, but also to condition the fighter. Middle kicks can be hard to throw, especially when tired, and for this reason they are the go to kick when getting the fighter ready for a fight.

  1. The first drill is to have the fighter throw 10 middle kicks on each side with proper form and then take a short break. After five seconds, the fighter will then repeat the process but this time they will throw 15 middle kicks on each side.
  2. The next drill is meant to train the fighters’ ability to switch stances and deliver powerful middle kicks from both stances. The fighter will stand face to face with a training partner or a heavy bag. And for the next minute, the fighter will throw first the lead middle kick and then the back middle kick in quick succession. The fighter will continue doing this for the next minute, which will leave him dead tired.
  3. Another excellent drill is to throw as many back middle kicks as you can in a minute. After that, you take one-minute rest and then you repeat with your front leg. The trick is to have more kicks with your lead leg than your back leg, which is counterintuitive since your back leg is probably your preferred one.

Remember to focus on perfecting your form first and only after that you should focus on power. Try to increase the number of middle kicks you can do with proper form in a minute and only then you can try to throw them harder.


The middle kick in Muay Thai is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that can be used for both offense and defense. When thrown correctly, it can be a devastating weapon. If you are looking to add this kick to your arsenal, make sure to practice with proper form and technique. With enough practice, you will be throwing middle kicks like a pro in no time!

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