Spinning Elbow Strike in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Spinning Elbow

The spinning elbow can be quite a dangerous weapon if timed correctly in a Muay Thai fight. Here is how you can use it to your advantage.

The spinning elbow can be used if your opponent likes to get very close and personal when fighting. It can also be used if you happen to miss a middle kick or your teep fall-through. This by itself will generate enough momentum for you to turn in either direction and land a well-placed elbow strike.

The first step is to use your rear leg and kick as if you are going to connect with a regular Muay Thai roundhouse kick. As your leg starts to travel upwards, start to twist your hips and shoulders so that your body starts to rotate. You want to use the same motion as if you were trying to throw a spiral football pass.

As you complete the rotation of your hips and your torso, start to extend your arm and snap your elbow forward so that the point of your elbow strikes first. Make sure that you fully extend the tip of your elbow so that you can generate maximum power. Muay Thai fighters often refer to this as “snapping” the elbow.

The timing of the spinning elbow is crucial. If you are too slow in executing the move, your opponent will see it coming and be able to defend against it. Likewise, if you throw the spinning elbow too soon, you will not have generated enough power to make it an effective strike and will probably miss your target. The ideal time to throw a spinning elbow is when your opponent is just about to commit to an attack. This way, you can use their own momentum against them and really lay into them with a powerful blow.

Remember, the key to landing a successful spinning elbow strike is all about timing and execution. Practice makes perfect so get in some sparring sessions with a training partner and work on perfecting your technique.

Remember, timing is everything with this move so make sure you practice often before using it in a fight. also, be sure to protect yourself at all times as your opponent will be looking to counter-attack. Elbow strikes are very powerful but they can also leave you vulnerable if not used correctly.

 Here’s how to properly throw a spinning elbow in Muay Thai:

1. Start by assuming your standard Muay Thai stance.

2. From here, raise your lead elbow up and back while keeping your forearm close to your face.

3. As you do this, begin to rotate your torso and hips so that your rear elbow comes around in an arc.

4. As your rear elbow comes around, extend it outward and drive it into your opponent’s head or body.

5. Be sure to follow through with the strike and return to your original stance.

Now that you know how to properly throw a spinning elbow in Muay Thai, put it into action the next time you’re in the ring! This powerful move can easily take down your opponent if executed correctly. Train hard and stay safe!

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