attempts a high roundhouse kick, which was blocked by (Name) and answered with an awe-inspiring and painful leg sweep at a Muay Thai demonstration

Muay Thai Sweep

A sweep is a combat move that is often used in Muay Thai. It is often used after clinching. To do a proper Muay Thai Sweep, you will need to first clinch your opponent. Once you have done this, you will need to take a step to the side and then sweep your opponent’s leg out from under them. This will cause them to lose their balance and fall to the ground.

The sweep can help you acquire points in a Muay Thai fight and can also be used as a way to take down an opponent. It is important to practice this move so that you can execute it properly in a Muay Thai match.

To practice this move, you can use a training partner. Have them stand in front of you and clinch with you. Once they are clinched, sweep their leg out from under them. You can do this by pulling their upper body to one side and pushing their legs to the opposite side. This will cause them to lose their balance and fall to the ground.

For example, if you want to sweep your opponent into the right (their upper body right and their legs to the left) you will have to get a left underhook which will help you push their left side of the torso upwards. You will also need to position your right glove onto your opponent’s left elbow. When the time comes you will need to simultaneously lift your left arm up (underhook) and pull with your right arm down and to the right (the arm with which you are holding onto your opponent’s elbow) while also sweeping your opponent’s legs to the left.

You can also sweep your opponent when they try to throw a middle kick and you manage to catch it. Be careful when catching middle kicks since the ones aimed at your liver can be quite dangerous to catch. When you however do manage to catch the middle kick, be sure to lift your opponent’s leg up, hold it firmly and then drive into your opponent while simultaneously lifting his leg up and sweeping the other leg  right under him.

When you are in a fight, you may need to defend against a sweep. To do this, you will need to keep your balance and be sure not to let your opponent take control of the clinch. If they do take control of the clinch, they will likely try to sweep you. Be prepared for this and be ready to counter their attack. You can also try to predict when a sweep is coming and just lift the leg that will be swept first up in the air slightly so that your opponent will miss and you can stay on your feet.

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