What size Muay Thai Gloves should I buy?

What Size Muay Thai Gloves Should I Buy

When shopping for Muay Thai gloves, one of the most important factors to consider is size.

Not all gloves are created equal, and finding the right size for your hands is crucial for getting the most out of your training.

This article will discuss different glove sizes and help you figure out which pair is perfect for you!

So what is the optimal size of Muay Thai gloves? The most common sizes for Muay Thai gloves are 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. In general, if you are an adult, you can get the 12 oz or the 14 oz gloves and use them for all your training needs.

Keep in mind that there is much more to know about picking the perfect size of your Muay Thai gloves besides the oz they have.

Beginners, intermediates, and experts should opt for different sizes because of the force of the punch and the nature of the training they go through.

Which Size Is Best According To Skill Level?

The 12 oz gloves are typically used by beginners or those who have smaller hands. 14 oz gloves are a good middle ground – they offer more protection than 12 oz gloves but aren’t too bulky and can be used during sparring.

16 oz gloves are the largest size and are usually reserved for those with large hands or who want the most padding possible. The 16 oz gloves are also the best choice when picking up a pair of sparring gloves.

Quite a lot of Muay Thai fighters have two main pairs of Muay Thai gloves for different purposes. Well, some actually have more like 5+ pairs…but that really isn’t necessary.

Kids, for example, might use the 6 oz or the 8 oz gloves since they are smaller and will fit their hands more accordingly. And kids need less padding on the gloves since they do not throw punches with as much force.

Why Would You Need Two Pairs Of Gloves?

Some Muay Thai fighters have two pairs of Muay Thai gloves, one smaller pair of gloves and one larger pair. The smaller pair, usually 12 oz, is used for heavy bag work, pad work, and general technique practice. 

The larger, usually 16 oz, gloves are used for sparring purposes. More padding is necessary during sparing sessions so as not to damage your fists while training or bring unnecessary harm to your sparring partner.

Serious heavyweight should use the 18 oz Muay Thai gloves during sparring sessions, as again, to not hurt themselves or their sparring partner. Plus, the bigger sparring gloves can be used as a sort of weight that will make you punches faster when you size down again.

Which Pair Should I Get First?

The general rule of thumb is to get the bigger gloves first. So 16 oz gloves should be your priority, and after you have money to spend on a new pair, you should consider getting one pair of 12 oz.

While your 16 oz gloves will make you punch slower in the long term, they will also make them faster in the long term. And with the 16 oz gloves, you will have to worry about damaging your fist or your partner during a sparring session.

What Size Is Used In A Fight?

In general, the 8 oz or the 10 oz Muay Thai gloves are used, not just in Muay Thai but in Kickboxing and Boxing also. Usually, the fighters that weigh about 143 lbs / 65 kg use the 8 oz gloves, while the heavier fighters use the 10 oz gloves. The reason for the smaller size is that the punches will be faster and harder to defend from, resulting in a more exciting fight.

Do Bigger Gloves Hurt More?

No, bigger Muay Thai/Boxing gloves do not necessarily hurt more. In fact, it is often said that smaller gloves tend to cause more damage because they focus the impact of a punch in a smaller area. It really depends on the person’s individual boxing style and how they throw their punches.

However, bigger gloves aren’t there to protect your opponent or training partner but rather to protect the bones in your fists. Since the bones in your fists are small and fragile, they need the necessary protection to withstand hundreds of punches you throw during a training session.

What Else Should I Be Worry Of?

While the size of the Muay Thai gloves is important, it is not the only factor that should influence your buying decision. The material from which the glove is made is also important. In general, it is recommended to get gloves made out of real leather since they will hold up for a longer amount of time.

You should also be careful not to mix up the boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves. They do look similar but are not the same. Muay Thai gloves look puffier since they have more padding at the top and the back of the glove to offer more protection against kicks, elbows, and knees.

Also, keep in mind the fit of the Muay Thai gloves. Some people prefer a tighter fit, but the gloves shouldn’t fit too tight since they might stop the circulation in your hands, especially if you have a longer pair of hand wraps which will use up even more space in your Muay Thai gloves.


The best pair of Muay Thai gloves that will cover all your needs are 14 oz gloves. However, you can also start with the 16 oz gloves and buy the 12 oz gloves afterward. The 14 oz gloves might not be perfect for sparring, but they will do the trick. With the 14 oz gloves, you will also be able to do heavy bag work and pad work without worries. Keep in mind that boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves are not the same things. Try on multiple Muay Thai gloves from different brands and find one that best fits you.

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